Welcome to BAHOU Rubber Industries Co. Pioneers in the field. Our experience goes back to early fifties when we established the first factory in the Rubber Industry in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ,since then we learnt that customer satisfaction is the key to success.  

Our experience in the rubber industry goes back to the early 50's under the patronage of our beloved father Mr. Fawzy Albahou in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, since then we have been expanding our rubber business industry. In 1993 we started our Qatar branch and 2012 witnessed the opening of our first UAE branch in Sharjah. All of this in response to the growing clientele throughout the Middle East.

Bahou rubber industries produce/re-rubberize different parts and rollers, rubber fused to steel and aluminum etc. With many additions to the production department lead to many additions to our industry and incorporations of new machines that helped us perfect our speed and precision.

With the belief that products can only be as good as the parts that construct it, we were ISO-9001 certified. We used the best raw materials to guarantee top quality products.

Our formula is and always will be 'superior product, reasonable price, and prompt delivery'

What is the rubber industry?

The rubber industry is one of the integrated industries which are beginning to draw material from the rubber tree, called by its name and grown in the areas of Eastern Asia, where we import and start the process of producing our product, as well as materials for the piece to be used for a final product ready for use
What types of rubber used in our industry?

Natural rubber (NR).
Synthetic rubber (EPDM, IIR, NBR, SBR, SI).
What are the sectors benefiting from the industry?

Factories in general.
Printing presses.
Sea Ports.
The railways.
The automobile industry.
Parking’s And other sectors


Rubber Bumpers.
Angle Protection for Pillars.
Shock Absorbers.
Solid Tires.
Rubber blocks.
Rubber Mounts
Rubber Couplings.
Oil Seals.
Rubber Bushes.
Industrial Rubber Rollers.
Rubber Printing Rollers.
Parking Bumpers.